Video Ski Lessons
Video Ski Lessons
Hello All!
I have decided to create this website for people who want to
learn how to ski (that is, if you have never skied before) and,
of course, for those people who already know how to ski but
are looking to improve their skiing skills, looking for more
adventure on the slopes.

Most people that I have met have been their own coaches.
They improved their skills by watching other skiers, talking to
friends, and picking up skiing tips on the internet.

I have decided to make a video that will help all skiers. It will
eliminate the need for people to look elsewhere for tips,
tricks, and lessons.

In the years that I have taught skiers and coached races I
have found that people respond to different types of
information. This is the reason why in my video I show a
variety of different exercises that are aimed not only toward
newbies, but also for the better-experienced skiers.
The video consists of six parts:
  •  Beginners
  •  Intermediate skiers
  •  Advances skiers
  •  Bumps, Crud and Powder
  •  Carving
  •  Snow blades

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